The purpose of youreferences is to enable its users to create their General Ranking of professional experience. Analogous to that generated in computer games after completed missions, etc. With the difference that in place of the virtual mechanics system accruing points of experience, stars are placed on a scale of 1-5, which, depending on their subjective assessment, calculate real employers. Assessing, in this context, broadly understood professional skills of its former or current employees, business partners, etc.


An active user is any person who has set up an account on youreferences. A passive user is a person who only browses the content contained on the portal without creating an account.

Creating an account involves giving and making public your name and surname, because all visitors to the portal will have access to it.

Due to the fact that the portal is generally directed to working people, the person creating the account should not be under 16 years old or more, if it is the national law of the user wishing to set up an account.

In order to create an account, it is required to provide your real email, which may be used in the future in order to communicate with the owner of the account by the administration of portal youreferences or other users visiting the portal.


General Terms of Use of the Portal

The user may have only one account. He/She should not impersonate other people. Nor can it provide false information and information that violates someone’s good name and violates the law in force in a given country.

Creating an account in youreferences is identical with the consent of the user who created them so that other visitors to the portal can view the information on his profile.