How does it work?

To start, create an account, preferably with a photo. Then you can send link to your profile to unlimited number of employers. Who, using a 5-Point Scale, will be able to express their opinion on your work in such categories as:

1.Qualifications and Education
2.Accuracy and timeliness
3.Knowledge of foreign languages
4.Efficiency and self-reliance
5. Ability to learn quickly and be creative

New era

No more sending a few page references that nobody reads. Show the world how much you are worth at a few specific points. The youreferences portal gives a great opportunity to self-present yours professional career. Mainly in social media, by placing a screenshot with general ranking issued by former employers.

For obtaining the maximum ratings from a minimum of three former employers, the account receives the premium status, which will significantly increase the chances of its holder to find a new job.