1. What is this portal for?

Youreferences.com provides an easy way to present your professional dossier to potential employers. However, this does not take place in a traditional way, but through the acquisition of experience stars, whose sum will be the General Ranking, depending on the quality of the work performed. So, the more glory points, means the higher ranking. Summarizing, for getting the maximum ratings in all possible categories from a minimum of three employers, the account will get Premium status, and the profile will display a crown.

2. How does it work?

You must first create an account via the registration option available at the top of the screen. Then you can send a link to your profile (Profile Link) to your former or current employer, to assess your competence in the 5-star rating system in categories such as:
Qualifications and Education
Accuracy and timeliness
Knowledge of foreign languages
Efficiency and self-reliance
Ability to learn quickly and be creative

3. Is an account required to generate references?

Yes. To add a new references, registration is necessary.

4. Can I evaluate myself?

It is not possible. References may be issued only to another user by an employer who has an account registered.

5. Can I present my professional profile on Facebook?

Yes. You can do it using the share button located under the profile picture.